Fujifilm Instant Camera Polaroid: Review

A little while ago, I received a Fuijifilm Polaroid camera. And since that day, I’ve absolutely loved it. But, in the interest of being balanced, and giving an honest, all-around review for those who may be contemplating purchasing one, today I thought I’d go through the pros and cons of having a Polaroid camera.



Comfortable and not confusing | The camera itself is light and small, it can fit in your bag, and the layout is very simple, you simply choose your setting, point and shoot.

Adapts to setting | There is a handy rotatable switch on top of the camera, that allows you to choose your setting, based on light sensitivity and your surroundings. This is also laid out very plainly, so that anyone can understand and use it correctly. For example, if you’re outdoors, you’d use the sun or cloud setting, but if you were indoors, you’d use the house one.


Instant memories | Obviously the major pro of this camera is that you get your picture instantly. It’s entirely understandable why these cameras have been modernised and are still in high demand today, and that’s because they really capture memories and allow us to relive them instantly. The way the image develops also makes your pictures look almost vintage, giving them a nostalgic feel.

Encourages creativity | Because you know that your image is going to be captured and shown instantly, and you know that it is going to have that nostalgic feel, it encourages you to almost stage beautiful pictures, as you know that they are something to be proud of and shown off.


Not automatic | While the settings I mentioned previously are very easy to use and handy, it is manual. If you don’t check your settings before taking your image, you make get a bleached imaged back, or it could be too dark. You’ve always got to check before you shoot.


Photo packs are expensive | The packs for these cameras are very expensive. This leads you to be quite stingy taking pictures if you don’t have the money to splash constantly buying more packs. At times I can be quite protective and very precise about what I take a picture of, and how it’s going to look/if it’s worth it, because you very quickly become aware of the cost per picture.

Those are my pros and cons of the Fujifilm Instant Polaroid Camera. As you can see, for me, there are more pros than there are cons, as I do absolutely love it and I have always wanted one. Let me know if you have one, what your favourite and least favourite things about it are, or if you’re considering buying one!


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