BLOGMAS Day 2 // The Christmas Tree

Now that Blogmas has officially begun, we can start talking about all things Christmassy! For the next 23 days, I’ll be sharing with you guys every little detail of Christmas, from gift sets, to recipes, hauls and makeup looks. But to start everything out, we need to get into the festive spirit, and what better way to do so, than Christmas tree shopping!choose tree (1)I think it’s best to enter into Christmas tree shopping with an open mind, and a slight idea of what you would like/what is sensible for the area you are decorating.

Plus, the whole thing is made so much easier and fun if you really get into the spirit. Sit down, have a hot chocolate, and take your time! This is the time for good cheer and spreading happiness, not stress!choose tree (2)Once you’ve successfully chosen your tree, and found a way to transport it home, the next task is decorating it. As you can see here, this little snowman was lovingly placed by Milo on the tree, so even though he isn’t sat upright, he was placed with care and will be staying there.choose tree (3)Our tree never really has any particular theme, it’s a wonderful mishmash of all of the baubles we’ve both made and collected over the years, and tinsel of every available colour. While the trees in the conservatory and my room may have quite strict colour schemes, I think it’s nice to have the main tree to reflect the fun and diversity of life.choose tree (4)I hope this post has gotten you into the Christmassy mood! Let me know in the comments if it has, and if you’ve put your tree up yet, or if you’re waiting to do so.



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