BLOGMAS Day 5 // Gift Sets With Soap & Glory

While the 3 for 2 sales are still on in Boots, I thought now is a great time to talk to you guys about the Christmas gift sets currently available from Soap & Glory!gift sets with Soap & Glory (1)To start things out, there’s this gorgeous box, ‘Bright & Bubbly’. It contains 4 travel-sized Soap & Glory famous-goodies! Not only are these products perfect for the winter time, as they are various body butters/scrubs and hand lotions, and a huge Soap & Glory body puff, but the box itself is so glam and cute, that it can be reused after Christmas for storing more products!

Soap & Glory have also released an adorable tree decoration, that contains their famous ‘The Righteous Butter’ body butter, in a handy bauble style! Again, this case is even perfect for hiding other treats in to hang on the tree!gift sets with Soap & Glory all things bright & bubblyThen there are the Soap & Glory crackers. I think this is one of the best ideas any company has thought up for the Christmas season. Enclosed in this case, are 6 full-sized Christmas crackers, with Soap & Glory packaging, containing 6 full-sized Soap & Glory pampering products! I love this gift set because it can either be a splurge for one person, or a great item to have at a party for up to 6 people who love pampering themselves!gift sets with Soap & Glory Christmas crackers

That’s it for this years gift sets from Soap & Glory! I think every single set is absolutely adorable, and would each make a really thoughtful and fun gift. Let me know if you’re hoping to get one of these, or if you already have!



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