BLOGMAS Day 21 // A Christmas Walk

Can you guys believe that the week of Christmas is here?! This month has definitely gone by a lot faster than any other month this year!

As hopefully we’ve all got our shopping well out of the way, bought all of the food that the shops have available, and prepared our Christmas jumpers for the big day, today I thought we could all take it easy, sit down and relax and I’ll just share with you some pictures from a walk myself and my brother took recently.

IMG_0310IMG_0311IMG_0314IMG_0330IMG_0328Is this walk not Christmassy enough for you? Don’t worry, my hat is a Christmas tree.IMG_0329So that was a little insight into myself and my brother auditioning for the next biggest boyband. I hope you enjoyed!

Are you enjoying the Christmas spirit? Or are you frantically trying to get last minute gifts? Let me know in the comments!


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