Soap & Glory Focus

Much like my Makeup Revolution collection, slowly but surely in the background, my Soap & Glory collection has been gradually growing, and today I thought I’d talk you guys through the variety of products that I’ve acquired!IMG_1528IMG_1529Clean On Me Shower Gel | This shower gel (like all Soap & Glory products) smells absolutely amazing. It finds the perfect balance of being a generally clean scent, while still remaining unique. It lathers wonderfully and leaves you feeling super fresh.

Scrub Your Nose In It | I’ve mentioned this face mask before, but to summarise it, it really is quite strong for a face mask, so I wouldn’t recommend using it if you have particularly sensitive skin, or if you’re having a tough time with your skin, it’s much more suited towards just generally brightening already calm skin.

Orangeasm Body Wash | You know that really fake, overpowering scent of orange that most ‘orange-scented’ products seem to always have? Well Soap & Glory throws all products with that fake scent in the trash, because it has absolutely nailed a natural orange scent, like a fresh, dewy orange. It’s amazing. Again, this product lathers really well, and is a really nice option to have as opposed to a general ‘clean’ scent, or an overpoweringly fake scent. IMG_1530Foamous Bath & Body Wash | This product has another unique scent. It has elements of rapeseed and honey, so it’s a much more sophisticated scent, and actually smells sort of like a rich biscuit, strange I know, but also weirdly comforting. It takes a bit of work to foam up well, but it does leave you feeling clean, but clean like a cookie, so delicious as well.

Sugar Crush Body Wash | That famous Soap & Glory sugary scent! THIS is why we become obsessed with Soap & Glory. I could very happily use this product for the rest of time and pretend that I am the living embodiment of a beautiful mix of a sherbert lollipop and a parma violet.

Foam Call Body Wash | Another rich scent with yuzu and green fig nuts. This is definitely a product that I’d use frequently to break up the scent of sugar and orange. This one really does live up to its name because it lathers really well, but also leaves you feeling moisturised after rinsing.IMG_1531Scrub Of Your Life Body Butter | This product is slightly confusing, because while it’s name is ‘Scrub Of Your Life’, it claims to be a ‘super-smoothing body butter’. But fear not, it is a scrub, and a damn good one too! When you apply a tiny amount, you may think that it does look like it would be up to much, because you can only see very few tiny pink beads, but as you start to scrub with it, you’ll notice that the entire formula turns into a light scrub, that doesn’t require harsh scrubbing at your skin. It smells like another lovely general Soap & Glory scent, and that scent stays with your skin even after washing.IMG_1532The Righteous Butter Body Butter | Now THIS is actually a body butter. If we’re going to eliminate everything, and pick one thing that Soap & Glory reeeeaaally know how to do; it’s body butters. I really like the formula of this product because it’s a lot thicker than most body butters, so it lasts a lot longer than most body butters. The formula also means that your skin really absorbs the product, so you feel moisturised, and not sticky.IMG_1534The Perfect Ten Eyeshadow Palette | I’ve spoken about this palette in a lot of detail HERE, but I do really love it, and I still can’t believe it’s the only Soap & Glory makeup product I own (I know, how insane) but it is definitely one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes across other brands too! I love the variety of shades, and the combination of looks you can put together.IMG_1535

That’s it for my run-through of my Soap & Glory products! Have you tried Soap & Glory’s products? Be sure to let me know which product is your favourite!


4 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Focus

    1. I only realised how much I had once I’d started setting it all up for the photos! I would recommend this palette, but I think it’s no longer available, but I’ve heard great things about their brow and eyeliner products! Thank you Rebecca! xxx

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